Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Will Someone Else Dig Up the Graboids?

Every so often another publication gets things so right, I pretty much just link to their story here.

I was super excited when I heard Kevin Bacon was involved with a new Tremors series for the SyFy Network.  I'm no super fan, but I love the films and they're often part of my October sci-fi monster viewing. The more I heard about plans for the series, the more excited I became to see it.

 The original TV series was a bit forgettable though.  It had some cool concepts, but just didn't catch on, even with the Tremors broader fan base.

The idea of trying it again all these years later, however, seemed right.  I think PopHorror may have gotten it right though, that "Ash vs Evil Dead" has made networks a bit gun shy of investing a lot of resources into older titles that fans seem happy enough to pirate rather than pay to see.

Here is their take on the death (or at least lack of birth) of the new Tremors series.


I do sincerely hope that we at least get to see the pilot movie somewhere.

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