Friday, May 11, 2018

It's Here! The Tremors Trailer for the Show That Never Was.

There has been talk of a new Tremors series for quite awhile now.  The movie has spawned several sequels, varying in quality, but all fun.  The one ingredient missing from every single sequel and the original Sci-Fi series, has always been Bacon.  No, not the salted meat, the Kevin.

Kevin Bacon starred in the first Tremors, never to return to the franchise, until now.  Except, if this series doesn't get picked up (SyFy apparently gave it a pass after the pilot was shot.)  will we ever see Bacon as Valentine McKee again?

For those who don't remember, Perfection was part of a T.V. series once before.  Back near the start of the Millenium "Tremors the Series" ran for a short 13 episode series.

The show itself wasn't "perfection", but it did what it could to develop the single note "Jaws under the sand" idea for television by branching out with some new monsters and new human protagonists.  The Tremors sequels did much the same thing, but it seemed to work better as movies.

Really though, the missing ingredient was Bacon.  "Everything is better with Bacon" applies to food and movies.  

The news that the new show wasn't picked up has hit fans hard. There's still some hope that we'll get to see the pilot movie and a few fans are keeping a candle lit that Netflix or Amazon will pick up the show.  From the looks of the trailer we're missing out if we don't get to see the finished film.  It kept the humor, the jump scares and the suspense.

I love the homage to the original movie with the half buried car.  I'm not sure people get that the scene in "Lumber vs Jack" (still free for May) with the vines pulling the Jeep underground was partly to GRIM in the movie and partly a nod to "Tremors".

Watch the trailer for  yourself and lament our loss because a television executive didn't want to take a chance on another Graboid series.

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