Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Women in Horror Month

February is Women in Horror month.

For my first CGM post this month, I present "Savaged", starring Debbie Rochon.

I think this movie is appropriate, because Debbie is not only the lead, but her character is the entire driving force behind the story, along with the dog, Lotus (played by Val, my old dog).

Here is the trailer. Enjoy the full movie on Amazon Prime.

You can also enjoy Debbie's work as a director on DVD with Model Hunger.

Listen to commentary by myself and Debbie Rochon on "Savaged" in the full movie video below.
You'll need to be signed into YouTube as it is age restricted due to brief nudity.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Decadent Vegas Birthday Weekend! with Monique Parent.

I pretty much just went with the original video title on this one.  If you're not subscribed to Monique's YouTube channel,  you risk missing out on new videos when she posts them and they just get better with every passing month.  Her production level has grown since she started the channel from her apartment.

Enjoy, CGM fans.

And remember, it's YouTube enabled, but the word "Decadent" is in the title, so maybe judge for yourself whether or not you should be watching this at work.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Ryli Morgan in "Mister Dissolute"

If you don't know who Ryli Morgan is, you're missing out.  She's been featured in a number of films from Director Mark Baranowski and his production company On Mark Productions.  Last year she helped me out by playing Lawyer Marti Renkin in Jack vs Lanterns.

If you're a member of the Cult Goddess Magazine group on Facebook you've probably already heard the news that "Mister Dissolute" has been released on a special "Liberal Edition" Digipak DVD. It's available signed at a special pre-order price of just $10 with artwork from Enzo Sciotti.  Pre-order  your copy now with paypal at the website 

Still not sure you want a copy?  Check out the trailer below.

Some may consider this trailer to contain images
"adult" in nature and NSFW.

Artwork by Enzo Sciotti

Also keep  your eyes open for cult goddesses Ashlie Rhey, Suzi Lorraine, Teri Weigel, Kelly Shibari, Janet Keijser, Sofiya Smirnova, and Anna Engels

Friday, January 19, 2018

Michelle Prenez in JellyBaby Magazine

Just a quick word on Cult Goddess Magazine alum, Michelle Prenez's latest magazine appearance.  She will be appearing in issue 11.2 of JellyBaby Magazine.  The photos were shot by Genevieve Marie Photography and are an Alice in Wonderland theme. (Michelle is credited as "Michelle Saba".

Follow the links to learn more about the photographer, model and publication.

P.S., Shamless plug, Michelle plays Michelle (I got really creative there) in both Lumber vs Jack (available on Amazon Prime) and the in post production sequel, Jack vs Lanterns.

Michelle Prenez in Jack vs Lanterns
photo by Jason Liquori

Thursday, January 11, 2018

"The Ghosts of Broadway" - A New Lookbook from Heidi Calvert Photography

What is a "Lookbook"?  According to Google Dictionary it is: "a set of photographs displaying a fashion designer's new collection, assembled for marketing purposes."

This definition does not even begin to describe the work of Heidi Calvert contained in her collection "The Ghosts of Broadway" .

A collection of highly artistic photos featuring the designs available through Pinup Girl Clothing, "The Ghosts of Broadway" conveys a feeling of historical reference and feminine empowerment not often seen in simple marketing materials.

Visit the link and see the modeling work of Monique Parent  and others. When combined with the talented eye and creativity of Heidi Calvert, the clothing line is brought to life as works of art.

Visit for the art, but be warned, you may find yourself shopping a bit too.