Saturday, March 10, 2018

"When justice fails, Karma prevails." - Early Look at a new Web Series

There's a new web series coming and it is going to knock you out.

A couple of posts ago we brought you behind the scenes with Monique Parent while she was filming with Tara Cardinal.  Well, the fruits of that labor and many other labors have been compiled into a trailer for a new web series, "Karma Klub". (Subscribe to that channel to keep track of updates.)

Check out the people involved: With: Monique Parent, George Perez, Esther Goodstein, Krystina Tigner, Jennifer Thomas, Dominique Swain, Gary Graham, Rena Riffel, Del Howison, Crystal Santos & HOLLYWOOD of Glow fame.

Watch the trailer for yourself and then comment on the video to let producers know who you would like to see appear in front of the camera. Follow the "Watch on YouTube" link to comment and subscribe there.

This show is going to have action, style, retribution and it's all coming right in time.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Feminism! - International Women's Day

As today is a day to celebrate women, I have two videos for you.

One, a BBC 2 video that encapsulates how some women feel today.  Watch out the language is not safe for work. NSFW.

The other is a video which my wife directed many years ago when I was doing a short for a green film festival.  She had an idea, but I had already decided to direct my own and told her I'd shoot hers if she directed it herself.  She did.
Split Decisions from Nancy Liquori on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Something Unique with Monique (and Tara Cardinal)

You guys have seen Monique Parent here on the blog before.  Like I said, she's a prolific Cult Goddess and provides a lot of opportunities to share stuff.

Last night she and director, Tara Cardinal, gave Facebook Users a unique opportunity to interact with the film they are making. This stream from last night also gives us a look at the shot set ups and some other behind the scenes stuff.

Enjoy gang.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Women in Horror Month

February is Women in Horror month.

For my first CGM post this month, I present "Savaged", starring Debbie Rochon.

I think this movie is appropriate, because Debbie is not only the lead, but her character is the entire driving force behind the story, along with the dog, Lotus (played by Val, my old dog).

Here is the trailer. Enjoy the full movie on Amazon Prime.

You can also enjoy Debbie's work as a director on DVD with Model Hunger.

Listen to commentary by myself and Debbie Rochon on "Savaged" in the full movie video below.
You'll need to be signed into YouTube as it is age restricted due to brief nudity.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Decadent Vegas Birthday Weekend! with Monique Parent.

I pretty much just went with the original video title on this one.  If you're not subscribed to Monique's YouTube channel,  you risk missing out on new videos when she posts them and they just get better with every passing month.  Her production level has grown since she started the channel from her apartment.

Enjoy, CGM fans.

And remember, it's YouTube enabled, but the word "Decadent" is in the title, so maybe judge for yourself whether or not you should be watching this at work.