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The Ladies of Deer Crossing, part II

Well, readers, we promised to get some full layout issues online whenever possible...and "whenever possible" has arrived.

Visit the main page: and click on the "Movies Mavens" issue for a 30 page layout with "The Ladies of Deer Crossing", a bonus still frame gallery with images from the movie and a bonus short film from Hocus Focus Productions, "Alien Vengeance: The Other Me", featuring CGM Alum, Michelle Tomlinson! (You'll need to be online to see the movie unless you have the CD-R version of the magazine)

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You'll also notice there is no "contents page" in this issue.  I tried something new.  The cover is completely clickable!  Click the story you want to read and you'll be transported to those pages.  Click the link on the bonus video page and you'll be brought to the virtual theater to watch it.  A click on sponsors links take you to the websites for those sponsors AND clicking on the links at the end of a Goddess's interview brings you to her website.

So, get reading and get clicking!

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Cover for Issue 9
Photgraphy by J. Isobel De Lisle at

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Ladies of Deer Crossing, Part 1

Potent Pictures, the producers of the feature film, DEER CROSSING, will be holding an event on November 20th (check previous blog posts for details).  In honor of that event we'll be giving you some insight into the cult goddesses, both established and rising, who are involved with the project.

Here, in part 1, you'll get to see a bit of background on the characters.  In the special issue, due out next week, we'll feature interviews with some of the actresses who play the roles.

This year at Thanksgiving, you'll have something cool...and be thankful for.

Laura Lynn Cottrel- "Maggy Chancelor"

Laura Lynn stars in this riveting crime drama as Maggy Chancelor the missing wife of Dr. Chancelor (played by Warren Hemenway) and the captive hostage of Lukas Walton in Carvin County. Maggy is in a less than hopeful situation when she leaves for the Poconos with her son Cole and ends up hitting a deer on the road leading to an almost fatal car accident in the woods. Maggy and Cole are picked up by a stranger passing by and goes on to be tortured for the next eight years in a maniacal farmer's shed as he raises her son Cole to be his own.

Tina-Desiree Berg - "Jessica Havens"

Jessica works at the hospital with Dr. Michael Chancelor and is the woman of whom he is having an affair with. When his wife and child go missing Jessica Havens didn't hesitate to become Dr. Chancelor's live-in girlfriend. 

Facts: Director Christian Jude Grillo refers to Tina-Desiree Berg as "Potent West" because she lives in California and does what she can to promote him there. Grillo and Berg met at a California film festival when Grillo produced a film entitled "Belial" about five or six years ago. Though the two remained friends they never had an opportunity to work together until Deer Crossing.

Erika Lynn Gresson - "The Naked Victim"

When Maggy Chancelor questions Lukas Walton, "Were there others?" of women whom he held captive and tortured there was one in particular. Erika Lynn plays a naked victim in a flash back sequence in which she escapes from the Lukas's shed and is on the run... but she doesn't get far. 

Facts: This was Erika's first film and she's in for a bright future in acting. She showed a lot of natural talent in acting. She even mastered such talents as crying on queue immediately. The director held her audition in the back of his home. Erika was so convincing as a victim that before the director knew it the worried neighbors called the cops and three cop cars were immediately in his drive way.

Raine Brown - "Tanya"

Raine Brown plays a cameo in Deer Crossing as the lovely "Tanya" who's come to Gail's salon in search for employment. Employment in Gail's salon could mean one of two things: She wants to be a hair dresser or one of Gail's flavorful prostitutes. You can make your guess about which one it is when you see the film.

Jennifer Butler - "Gail Kennedy"

Gail is one of the top villains in Deer Crossing, the leader of her father's motorcycle club and the top drug queen pin in Carvin County. She also owns and operates a beauty salon which serves as home base for all her drug moving and prostitution antics which she runs with her favorite "worker" a gender-bending, knife-handling demon with an eye patch named Dick (but he prefers to be called Randy). 

Carmela "Roxsy Tyler" Hayslett - "Olivia Brice"

When the police find it hopeless to get answers from their lead weakness they called in Olivia Brice, a special interrogator who looks way to young and unsuspecting to work for the police. This is Olivia's charm. She thrives on the fact that her male peers on the police force always underestimate her leaving her to be the "actions speak louder than words" type of personality. She's a master at making people talk and the funny things is that she makes it look so effortless and easy. Olivia Brice, a fiery red-head who smokes way too much!

I would love to take credit for this collection of writing and photography, but the bios and photos were supplied by Potent Pictures.  The bulk of the photography was done by Carmela Hayslett and Miss Hayslett's character photo was captured by Christian J. Grillo.

You've already read an interview by Carmela "Roxsy Tyler" Hayslett in a previous CGM blog.  We have a new interview with CGM alumn, Tina Desiree-Berg and at least two more interviews for the special edition of the magazine, which I hope to have online by Monday, November, 14.  That will comprise Part 2.

We'd also like to be able to give away FREE CD-R versions of that special edition.  Being able to give away the hard copies free can be made possible by special sponsors.  Anyone interested in having their advertisement or movie trailer included please contact me at

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Ladies of Deer Crossing!

You read about Roxsy Tyler in a previous CGM blog. 
Well, she and the gang at Potent Pictures, are holding an event on Sunday, November 20. 

The Deer Crossing Beef and Beer Wrap Party!, seemed like as good an excuse as any to put together a special issue of "Cult Goddess Magazine"!

Check these pages for updates on "The Women of Deer Crossing".  We'll be posting them between now and the twentieth and the whole thing will culminate with an online issue of the magazine in the old, standard, PDF format.

Now, watch the trailer!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Sybil Danning stars with Chad Cherry and THE LAST VEGAS and produced the Rock/Heavy Metal Band’s Music Video new single, THE OTHER SIDE!
Sybil: “I loved working with Chad and THE LAST VEGAS, who are Hot, Sexy totally talented and Rock, on "The Other Side" music video which was the ultimate in class act professionalism. I’d rather be in hell with TLV, than in heaven with Mother Teresa. Mick Jagger once said, 'It's all right letting yourself go, as long as you can get yourself back!' With THE LAST VEGAS, I went to The Other Side! A good thing never ends!."
Chad: "Filming the Video with Sybil Danning in Chicago was wicked and another chapter in TLV mayhem. See you all on the Other Side!" added Cherry.
The Other Side" was recorded and produced by Grammy nominated Johnny K (Disturbed, 3 Doors Down, Staind, Airbourne) at Groovemaster Studios in Chicago, IL along with a full album's worth of material.
Fans stay tuned where to get your own copy of "The Other Side" EP in the very near future. 

Keep checking back for updates on past and future Cult Goddesses and information on new episodes of CGM-TV and new interviews and comic pages.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Cult Goddess Alumnae Update from Sybil Danning.

While producing and starring in the Music Video and new single, THE OTHER SIDE with Chad 
Sybil with Chad and Danny behind bars!
Cherry and his band THE LAST VEGAS.  Neighbors complained of obscenity on the shoot, "Cops" cuffed them and "authorities" rumaged hours of footage for Obscenity!  Sybil and TLV told them "Go Ahead Make Our Day." What ever happened to Freedom Of Expression?  Watch the completed Video for the outcome, premiering 11/1/11 on AOL's Music Site and worldwide.  

See the trailer here:

Read Sybil's Original CGM Interview here:


Cult Goddess Alumnae Update from Sybil Danning.

While producing and starring in the Music Video and new single, THE OTHER SIDE with Chad 
Sybil with Chad and Danny behind bars!
Cherry and his band THE LAST VEGAS.  Neighbors complained of obscenity on the shoot, "Cops" cuffed them and "authorities" rumaged hours of footage for Obscenity!  Sybil and TLV told them "Go Ahead Make Our Day." What ever happened to Freedom Of Expression?  Watch the completed Video for the outcome, premiering 11/1/11 on AOL's Music Site and worldwide.  

See the trailer here:

Read Sybil's Original CGM Interview here:

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lunar Pack Photo Comic Page 3

Check out Issue 8 at for the previous pages.
Can't wait to find out how it ends?  See the movie at HFP Free Cinema
More to come soon.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Volume 3, Roxsy Tyler, the new layout and things to come

Hello, gang!  It's been awhile.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, running a nearly one-man show with our little magazine means that health and life issues can often cause delays.  This year we've experienced those both here at the CGM offices and with some of our planned goddesses.  Couple that with my strong desire to change the format a bit and you have this: Our first interview of Volume 3 hitting in October, instead of months earlier.

The major change we'll be making is posting interviews, articles and comic pages right here in the blog space for easier internet navigation.  We'll still bring you great pictorials and interviews with fabulous ladies, but now you won't need Adobe Acrobat to read them.

This will also allow us to post singular episodes of the web series, "Cult Goddess Magazine - TV", going into season 2 right now, here in the same space!  Hang on tight for that.

For those of you who love the old magazine layout format, fear not, it will return.  As the blogspace grows we'll be integrating the interviews into one major volume issue with a full layout and then that, as always, will be made available for download or on DVD-R so  you can get your favorite goddess to sign it.

Now, without further ado, here is our first new interview since 2010, Horror Hostess and all around cool lady:
 Roxsy Tyler (photos by J. Isobel De Lisle at

CGM: Tell us about Carmela Hayslett and her relationship with the “terror in a top hat”.

RT: Well if Roxsy Tyler wasn't me I would say we wouldn't get along very well. I'm very much a quiet person, very polite, very afraid of a lot of things. Roxsy Tyler is the complete opposite! She's loud, obnoxious, and she absolutely has to be the boss of everything. I could see Roxsy Tyler getting in a bar fight but little ol' me? I would be hiding in a corner. That's the scary thing about Roxsy Tyler. The more you get to know her the more you realize she's a wild card. She can't be controlled. She'll jump into anything without fear of consequence. However, I enjoy the night and day personality. Roxsy Tyler was originally a character in my book "Big Boots and Black Hair Dye". I would daydream of this woman who has long black hair, wears a top hat, dresses like a comic book villain who's personality is all over the place. She was my muse for many things though I was never sure how I dreamed her up in the first place. The transition from thought to story and then from story to an actual personality was incredible. The more Roxsy Tyler is let out of the box the better she becomes. You never know. If you took away all rules and expectations you might find yourself a different person too. I just gave mine a name and a top hat.

CGM:  How was Roxsy Tyler first introduced to TV and internet Audiences?

RT: I made my onscreen debut on Midnite Mausoleum when I helped host "Carnival of Souls" with Marlena Midnite and Robyn Graves. I didn't ever intend to do my own show. Doing Midnite Mausoleum was a fun excuse to fly out and meet Blake Powell (co-creator of Midnite Mausoleum) in person after having been friends with him online for so many years. A few months after I came home it appeared that a lot of people wanted me to do my own show too. I had the resources to do it and there's so many horror hosts out there... why not one more? It was never part of the plan but I'm glad I took a shot at it especially since I would like to pursue having an acting career.

CGM: . Tell us how classic comedians like the Marx Brothers influence a horror hostess like yourself.

RT: Laughing keeps me alive. I always said my goal in life before the day I die is to laugh as much as possible. The Marx Brothers make me laugh because their personalities are so chaotic. I want to entertain people the way I'm entertained. The sarcasm, the fast deliveries, the intentional obnoxiousness of their characters are comedy gold. It has little to do with horror but we really wanted to incorporate a Marx Brothers appeal into our show to give it that something extra. We strive to be as lovably chaotic as they were.

CGM: You and Johnnie 13 don’t always seem to get along. What’s with the on air fighting?

RT: Let's get one thing straight, okay? I'm the boss lady at my Carnival of Horrors. Johnnie 13 is my right-hand man. When he gets lazy on me I have to give him a hard time or people will notice that I'm just as lazy as he is! I can't have him making me look bad! Johnnie 13, if you're reading this... get back to work! 

CGM:. Your first ever Halloween special was shot on location at a hayride. Tell us about the connection to The Valley of Fear in Fearsville, PA.

RT: The Valley of Fear is a Haunted Attraction made up of a haunted hayride, two haunted houses, and a haunted walk through the woods. It's been my favorite Halloween haunt since 

I was a little girl. As I grew up I became better acquainted with the people who work there. Johnnie 13 has been working there for seven seasons now. Everyone on my show except Mr. Potent and I works at the Valley of Fear. It was cool to do our 2010 Halloween special there because the place always had such a special place in my heart since I was a little girl and then to suddenly return to do my show there was a really great experience.

CGM:  What jobs do you do behind the scenes on the show?

RT: Behind the scenes I direct the show, co-produce the show, do the principal writing for the show, and I edit the show. The boys handle everything else. Mr. Potent (Christian Jude Grillo) does all the sound supervision, the camera work, and he produces all the music heard on our show completely in-house.

CGM:. Your alter ego, Carmela Hayslett, has a new film, which will probably be in post production when this interview hits. Tell us a bit about it.
RT: We just wrapped on Deer Crossing on September 25th and we're all very excited to see the film come out next year. Deer Crossing is a twisted crime drama about a retired cop, Derrick Stanswood (played by Christopher Mann from HBO's The Wire) who is called in to re-open a cold case about the disappearance of a woman and child. As Detective Stanswood is chasing loose ends in the backwards rural town in Pennsylvania the woman and child have actually been held captive for last eight years by a maniacal farmer (K.J. Linhein). It's a really disturbing film where the director is intending to test the comfort levels of his audience. Most of the people who signed on to be in this film had to think twice about it as they found the script terrifying. Casting agencies didn't want to cast for it and we caught a lot of heat for the film's teaser. Heat was what we wanted though. If we release this film in theaters and someone gets up and walks out from being so disturbed by it than that's a bigger compliment than a pat on the back. I play Olivia Brice, a special interrogator who is introduced through the third and final act of the film. The coolest part was that I had about three or four scenes with Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters, The Crow) who plays the police captain. The film also stars Doug Bradley who is beloved as Pinhead from the Hellraiser series. He plays the sheriff of the corrupted town. It's going to be a kick-ass film... kind of live Deliverance meets the Devil's Rejects.

CGM:  Is anyone else from “Carnival of Horrors” involved with the film?

RT: Everyone in Carnival of Horrors is involved in Deer Crossing. Mr. Potent (Christian Jude Grillo) wrote and directed the film. Johnnie 13 helped out on cameras, Chuck Maher who plays Dr. Villhelm on my show, he was Mr. Potent's assistant and he even had a cameo in the film as the owner of a junkyard. Even cast members from our past episodes were involved from Christopher Walter who played Charlene to D. M. Folger who played himself on my show, to Tom Detrik who used to be Bobo the Clown... they can all be seen in Deer Crossing. We're produced by Potent Media so whenever there's a project we all dive into it together. Deer Crossing production-wise is what Carnival of Horrors would be shot like if we weren't a no budget production.

CGM:  You’ve sported different T-shirts on your shows (we’ll be sending you a couple soon). Tell us about how that started , why you do it and what some of your favorites are.

RT: I'm not a fan of wearing tight and constricting clothing too often so I wanted to wear t-shirts on my show. There's so many underground productions and other horror hosts I support that I decided to start wearing their t-shirts on my show. It's a fine way to show them some love and promote them at the same time. My long time favorite shirt to wear on the show is my black and red Monster Madhouse t-shirt. Just recently I've been sporting my white Stella Maneater from Manayunk t-shirt to show some love to the horror diva who came before me!

CGM:  How do you relieve stress?

RT: I play Resident Evil 5.

CGM:  Where can readers see your show, learn more about Roxsy Tyler and keep up with your growing career?

RT: To see full episodes of Roxsy Tyler's Carnival of Horrors you can go to  we also have some videos up on youtube at username RTCarnivalofhorrors. We stream past episodes on livestream at and I welcome anyone to find me on facebook either friend me or like the show page because we update the most often via facebook.






I highly suggest, with Halloween approaching, that you all take advantage of those full episodes online to help get you in the mood.  Also, I'd like to thank  J. Isobel De Lisle at for some fabulous photos!  Amazing work that we're proud to have.

Click  the link to the continuation of the "Lunar Pack" comic excerpts right here and new episodes of CGM-TV.  Meanwhile check out for more.
Meanwhile, enjoy some video from Roxsy Tyler's Carnival of Horrors