Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Catching up on Jennifer Wenger aka Jennifer Van Dien

Some of you likely already know that CGM Alum Jennifer Wenger ( interviewed as  a Wonder Woman cosplayer and actress with Michelle Prenez ) has fulfilled our prophecy about her and risen up the ranks of Cult Goddessdom to full blown Mount Olympus Royalty.

She recently married her very own Prince Charming, Casper Van Dien, in a beautiful mountain wedding.  Mr. Van Dien has one of the wedding photos as his default on IMDB.

But, she has been up to more than changing her marital status.  Mrs. Van Dien has also been working on new movie and video roles that will entertain you, scare you and maybe blow your mind.

Always one to have fun, she participated in this musical sensation, "Deadpool The Musical 2".

A new trailer dropped last week for "Alpha Wolf", starring Casper Van Dien and Jennifer Wenger (Van Dien) and some other familiar faces.

If the video isn't showing as embedded use the link:
 Watch the video here.

And while "Lumber vs Jack" was made quite a few years ago, in an effort to support the sequel, it is now available for FREE viewing over at Midnight Pulp.

And Finally, you all should know by now that the most recent movie I made with Jenn, "Jack vs Lanterns" is now available on DVD-R and for a few more days as part of Prime Video.

That's a ton of free entertainment, gang.
Enjoy it and come back to visit  us soon.

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