Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Help Seal the Rift

I haven't used this space to announce a crowd funding campaign in quite awhile, but this is a project for a friend and colleague of mine, Anjanette Clewis.  Anjanette is very supportive of indie filmmakers and so I think she earns a bit of support in return.

From the Indiegogo Page: "Parrish Randall and Anjanette Clewis play the venomously estranged married couple Roger & Melanthe in the feature flick, Rift.  Their characters battle like the "War of the Roses" on acid."

The fundraising: "The Rift" needs completion funds. In general this means that movie has been shot, but now needs some money to get edited. Any of you who been following the long road to complete "Jack vs Lanterns" probably know that a lack of funds to commit to the movie has slowed down its progress considerably. It has also forced me to cut scenes and change the way I had planned to carry out certain special F/X. These are not problems confined to independent movies.

If you would like to help, financially or by spreading the word, please visit "The Rift" Indiegogo page for more details, to see what perks they have and to get links to donate or spread the word.

Anjanette Clewis in "Jack vs Lanterns"

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