Wednesday, March 21, 2018

BCinema Talks! - The Powers Behind Karma Klub

Join the Klub!

So, recently, Tina-Desiree Berg gave me the opportunity to co-host a podcast with her.  It's about independent film and TV and genre media.

This past week we recorded our first two shows and they will be available on the BCinemaTV site soon.  This first episode, however, is more time sensitive than others.

Tara Cardinal of Karma Klub is trying to raise awareness for the show in order to win a grant, which will make filming it easier and allow her and the rest of her crew to better achieve the very solid vision they have for this project.

Follow the link, watch the trailer, comment, like or dislike it and subscribe to the channel in order to keep up with what happens in the future.  Tell them BCinema Talks sent you.  This is the best way to help the show get completed soon.  It's also a great way to show people you heard about it from us and will allow us to get the best guests ;)

Meanwhile, either listen to this podcast here, or download it to your phone and listen to while you drive around or work in the yard, but listen to it.

Guests: Tara Cardinal, Esther Goodstein, Jennifer Thomas (Karma),  and Crystal Santos.

BCinema Talks Podcast

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