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Interview with Janet Jay!

Photo by Wethington Photography

We like to have multi-talented women here in Cult Goddess Magazine's Blogverse and Janet Jay certainly fits the bill. Actress, reviewer, blogger and cosplay goddess, she is bound to build a fanbase as big as all of internet and convention fandom combined!

She was nice enough to grant us a short interview and send us some photos to treat your eyes.

CGM: It seems like a lot of your acting is in the horror genre. Is there something specific that draws you to that?

J.J.: I got started in acting 4 years ago by responding to online ads for zombie extras and vampire extras because I thought it sounded really fun. I've always liked the Horror genre, and it seems there's more opportunity for people who want to get involved. Ever since those days, I've always been fond of Horror, of course I love sci-fi and other genre's too, and I will do ALMOST any role, not afraid to get messy.

CGM: You're a model, but more specifically you list "Cosplay Modelling" among your talents. Cosplay seems to be more than dressing as characters from comics or games. Can you explain it to our readers and tell them how you participate?

Photo by Alec ustes. Cosplay of the succubus from Castlevania symphony of the night
 J.J.: "Cosplay" is short for Costume Play and you're right it is more than just dressing up. It's getting to be someone else for a day,taking on that persona. There is a growing cosplay culture especially with social networking. You can plan out group cosplays and meet up at conventions, some fans even make their own videos. I've been an avid cosplayer since 2003. Think of it as dressing up for Halloween in a really cool costume, but then taking it to the next level by staying in character, meeting up with other characters, and being in photo shoots.
Some of the best people I've met have been at conventions in costume. To see some really awesome Cosplays, I'm a representative member for The League Of Hot Geeks on Facebook. Some of mine are on there too:)

CGM: You're a blogger. What c people expect to read about in your blog?

J.J.: I've been putting little blogs here and there on my page and am going to give it a makeover in the near future. I usually put up convention news and info about projects I'm involved with. One blog was about the free toys that come in certain types of cereal boxes. Another was about movies I've seen and video games I'm working on beating.Sometimes I blog about costumes that are in the works.

My friends run a movie review site that I write for regularly called Sinema Sarcophagus. com, for my more detailed writing.

 Cinema Shark Productions, a still from Sterling The Man From Nowhere.

CGM: What can you tell us about the Web Series, "Sterling" and your character, "Betty Blumpkin"?

J.J.: Cinema Shark Productions made Sterling, The Man From Nowhere webseries. The episodes are free to watch on youtube and I play as the character "Betty Blumpkin". She's one tough broad who had a rough time getting into the police force and later she becomes an agent for the N.I.A. The series is done up in that Film Noir 1950's style but with lots of fart jokes and more adult humor too. I really enjoyed working with the talented cast. Sean Woosley,Stephen Woosley,Jack Chevanty,and Nicholis Pirnstill are all really great guys to work with and awesome friends.
The creativity and production are done really well for a Web series, not just saying that because I'm in it,lol.

Janet Decay, From Sinema sarcophagus.com

CGM: You do reviews under the alias, "Janet Decay". How do your other activities in film, modeling and cosplay give you special insight when you're reviewing things?

J.J.: Yes, I touched on this earlier in the blogs question, oops!

My alter ego on Sinema Sarcophagus is "Janet Decay" Queen of the Ghouls. I think when reviewing movies I can now look at them with more detail and have a greater appreciation for what the actors had to go through for certain scenes, how much work the crew had to do, or how little they did, depending on the movie I'm reviewing. All in all it's been educational.

CGM: Any Favorite Charities?

J.J.: I have sold zombie model photos and have given those funds made to the Fix The Chapel Fund. They are working on raising money to restore the chapel from the graveyard scene in Night Of The Living Dead, one of my favorite zombie movies ever.

promo photo for RAK films.com

CGM: Where else can people see your work?

J.J. : Some cool links to see what I do:

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  1. Awesome, Janet!! Great interview! Keep kickin ass in the Real world, and the underworld, too!! :) -Joseph -(author: Little Orphan Anvil series)